Parallel Import Restrictions (PIR) on text books are an unfair tax on students which drives up the cost of text books for Australian students. Due to these archaic tariffs, Australian students pay 35% more for the same textbooks than their counterparts in the United States.

Since 1989, seven independent Federal Government enquires under both Labor and Liberal Governments have argued for the removal of PIR, with the latest Competition Policy Review 2015 (Harper Review) concluding that the removal of PIRs on books would lead to a cheaper and more readily available product for consumers.  

With text books one of the largest upfront costs faced by students, and 85.9% of students struggling with the cost of text books, the ALSF is standing up to militant unions and the powerful publishing lobby to fight for #cheaperbooksnow.


We the undersigned below call for the abolishment of Parallel Import Restrictions (PIRs).


Files coming soon.

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